Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Mon 26.8.13, Morning

Anat T., Dafna S. (reporting)
Sheikh Saed

7:15 -- few crossing at this hour.

According to the border policemen,  construction here is for the welfare of the residents.  Two parking lots will be built, one safer,  a short distance from the checkpoint... the other in the village itself.

On the road to Wadi Nar, viar Silwan, everything appears tranquil, and filthy as usual.

Wadi Nar

This time without pointed guns but with much vehemence we were ordered to keep our distance, out of  "concern for our safety". 
The dogs patrolled between the checkpoints, and the soldiers imposed order.

The road is not yet complete, and the guard claimed that it will be done in about six weeks.

Olive Terminal

We drove to the checkpoint via Al-Ezariya -- a very indifferent "road" with no sign-posting -- to see the progress of the wall which now indeed closes off almost the entire area.