Qalandiya, Sun 18.8.13, Afternoon

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Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting); Guest: Daniela

Translator: Ruth Fleishman

The attempt to find people who knew Basal Abu Naser from Qalandiya, whose trial had been reported about by Niza Aminov, didn't bear any fruit.

Here, at the refugee camp, no one really gets worked up from stories about detaineesinfo-icon and military trails unless the victim is a relative. They are used to the nightly raids into their homes, to the arrests, the false accusations, to being recruited under pressure and at times even to the worst of all.

When I asked a friend about Basal he shrugged his shoulders and said "over here at the camp they make arrests all the time".

An ambulance from the occupied territories was detained was detained for about forty minutes at the vehicle checkpoint, until it finally passed.

On the other side two BP officers prepared a trap for the labourers who were on their way home. They tried locating and hunting down people who had pass in the morning in order to search for jobs in Jerusalem, or at the Palestinian call it "to feed their children", without the authorities permission.

By the fence surrounding the checkpoint complex stood a little fig seller: "ten shekels" for an over packed box of juicy figs. A child that doesn't know how to smile. His story has yet to float. Perhaps someday.