Qalandiya, Tue 20.8.13, Morning

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Virginia S., Ina P. Trans. Judith Green

Once again, long lines stretching deep within the parking lot.  When we arrived at 5:40, there was very slow progress.  But, for some reason, those going through showed supreme patience this week and there were no unruly incidents.  The Humanitarian Gate also worked properly, starting from 6:15, operated by a woman officer from the DCO who was new at Qalandiya.  (We did remember her from another checkpoint on one of the Fridays in Ramadan, when she also was responsive and considerate.  It''s good that she came to Qalandiya, a place which needs more mature and empathetic people).  After 6:30, things started to go faster and, when we left at 7:00, there were no longer lines outside of the "cages".