Hebron, Tue 23.7.13, Morning

Nilli Magid, MIchal Tz. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.



Everything is normal everywhere.

All activity ceases for hours during the Ramadan fast.

Signs of life at Beit Hamachpelah.  An open door, lights burning, Israeli flags still flapping.  About 3 weeks ago the IDF high command came to visit; we weren’t allowed even to enter Kiryat Arba.  We now fear they plan to settle people to live there..

Border Police soldiers at the Pharmacy checkpoint stare at us in amazement.

“No, we never heard of Machsom Watch,” the reply to our question.

“Against the checkpoints?”  He smiles.  “Can you imagine what it would be like without them?”

“Actually, yes,” I reply. 

“Do you know that last week we caught a woman with a knife who said she’d come to stab soldiers?”

“Do you know that if you hadn’t been here she wouldn’t have tried to stab you?”

“And?” he smiles.  “She would have reached Tel Aviv.”


That’s that; our soldiers are convinced their presence in Hebron saves Tel Aviv.

What can I add to the despair?