Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Sun 21.7.13, Afternoon

Yael Agmon, Tzipi Zack (Reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.




Since our faithful driver was unavailable, and in order not to miss a “work day,” we went to observe and speak to laborers returning from work in Israel.

Many were already coming back at 14:30, and many more continued to arrive until we left at 15:40.  Some of them told us that this morning there was a great deal of congestion during the entry procedure.  In addition to the thousands who “usually” go through, people also came who used to cross via Tarqumiyya.  That crossing is so intolerable, so inhuman, that some prefer to go south to Sansana, which takes longer and is farther away (and more expensive), and after crossing to Israel to go back north to the areas in which they work – Ramla and Lod, for example.


Some of the laborers also traveled in the opposite direction, from Palestine to Israeli territory.  They’re on the night shift at the bakery in Ofakim.  May Israel’s conscience and common sense begin working again, if only to improve the shameful, disgraceful, contemptible conditions at Tarqumiyya.


Ramadan Karim.