Etzion DCL, Mon 29.7.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.

Translation: Naomi Gal


13:55 the parking-lot was full. The waiting room was empty. Someone who came out told us that there are around 20 people waiting inside. More people arrived and they were all immediately let inside. A woman came out who was given an entry permit to Israel for three days of Ramadan.
Following her came several young men who received magnetic cards.

A guy came up to us and said that his father is in a hospital in Jerusalem and he wanted to visit him, but at the checkpoint they would not let him pass since his magnetic card had expired. He came now to renew it but was sent out without renewal. We called the humanitarian center. The guy was again let in and his card was renewed.


A young couple said they had called the DCO to ask about a permit for the holiday and they were told that the DCO has a permit for them and they can come get it, but they have to bring with them a document from the court certifying that they did not get an entry permit elsewhere. 
They went to court, paid 60 shekels, received the necessary document and brought it to DCO, but did not get the permit. Shlomit talked to the officer and she ordered to bring them back, but again they did not receive a permit. It turned out that they were told they have a permit by mistake. Shlomit turned again to the officer but to no avail. Although all their family members received permits, they will not get one until the end of the holiday.

A young man, who had an appointment on August 30 at Makassad Hospital in East Jerusalem, asked for a permit and didn’t get one. We turned to the humanitarian center, talked with R. who promised to find out and get back to us. Shlomit spoke as well with the officer who advised her to tell the youngster to postpone the appointment by one week so that his request could be reviewed and the permit granted. After the conversation with the officer the guy left. About half an hour later R. informed that he was able to arrange the reexamination of the application and that he now had a permit from the GSS. Unfortunately, we had no way to call and inform the young man about his permit. He was gone.

We left close to five o’clock.