Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Wed 31.7.13, Afternoon

Yocheved, Leah

Translator:  Charles K.


15:45-16:10  Shaked/Tura

A long convoy of military and civilian vehicles drives toward us – maybe it’s a good sign.  A man who was detained is allowed through.  We leave, the car filled with passengers to Umm el Reihan.


16:25-18:25  Reihan-Barta’a

We walk down the fenced corridor to the terminal entrance; few people have arrived.  More come later; we sense how tired they are.  They go through quickly, which helps a great deal.  We enter the terminal with them.  Near the entrance there’s a device on which they tap their IDs and proceed to the exit.


A female voice says:  You’ll have to return the way you came.  That’s ok; it’s what we wanted.


The parking lot on the Palestinian side is full.  A few drivers talk with us, tell about their children, themselves.  One says it’s particularly difficult now at the Jalameh crossing.  It’s easy to leave and return early during the holiday, but appeals to the Palestinian DCO regarding this matter didn’t help.  One tells us about his little daughter who’s half paralyzed; he wants her to be treated in Israel.  Another speaks Hebrew well; we ask him how he learned – by himself, he replies.


Now back through the terminal.  They open the yellow gate for us, we walk through a kind of labyrinth, at least five revolving gatesinfo-icon, two conveyor belts on which belongings are placed to be scanned, and with hands raised through a scanner.  I must have made a very great impression; I was sent through three times. Apparently it wasn’t me, but my watch.  I emerge gratefully into freedom.