'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 22.7.13, Morning

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Lea R. and Anna N.S.

06:30 Agricultural CP A'anin

The CP is open and people are coming out of it quite quickly. The inspection taked place near the front gate. There are a few dozen young people and adults with small children. A DCO vehicle with officers is in place here.

At 06:20 a DCO vehicle leaves and when we leave for the Barta'a CP we see the officers talking with drivers of cars with Israeli licences, which are parked nearby.


06:40 - 07:15  Barta'a-Reihan CP

This is the hour when workers are on their way to work. They go through quickly to the terminal and from there up the sleeveinfo-icon. Seven trucks and pickup trucks are on the road and another three in the parking lot. The drivers are waiting for their turn to enter for inspection. The queue is organized. During any given hour about seven vehicles are inspected. People tell us that the [Ramadan] fast is difficult, especially the thirst, but ....one gets used to it. In the evening the immediate family assembles to break the fast with a light meal and at night the entire family comes together. Each woman brings some part of the meal and they celebrate.

The toilets in the CP are filthy. There is water on the floor, no toilet paper. Who is responsible for this?


The CP on the side, in the direction of Ya'abed is open for vehicles.


07:25-07:45 Shaked-Tura CP

We picked up a young hitchhiker, aged about 20, who tells us  excitedly that he has just returned from prayer at the El Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. He has a permit to enter Israel and he went there via Ramalla and the Kalandia CP. He was there for a few hours, prayed and is now coming back. He is excited by the wonder of having had the freedom to travel and to meet Muslims at the holy place. The soldiers were all right; they behaved courteously. They did not interfere, did not poke around his belongings and did not behave impolitely. Everything was perfect! He says that every year during Ramadan he goes to Jerusalem, and God willing, next year, his parents and other members of the family will join him. Maybe they will even be able to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. The young man's excitement is contagious, especially his joy at tasting freedom for a short time -- something we accept as routine.


The Tura CP is empty. Practically nobody enters or leaves. An Israeli flag serves as decoration for the empty sky. Surprise: a herd of goats goes through!Suddenly it is allowed! Another occasion of joy for the poor, this time for us. Lea talks to the shepherd. It seems that the goats have been able to go through for the last four days. It is not clear what has caused the change in the decision. The herd is made up for the most part of cute small kids.