Qalandiya, Sun 28.7.13, Morning

Meira, Rony P.(reporting)
A very special day for  protecting human rights at Qalandiya!
There were we, Meira and I and  4 Blue&White human rights activists and we were very sorry that EAPPI people were missing. In addition, there was an officer from Civil Administration taking video of the lines at the checkpoint and the police force reinforced more than usual with their coffee and cigarrets celebrating Ramadan.
However, when it came to the people whose human rights we are all protecting it was a more depressing picture. For whatever reason the patient quiet people, (no smoking today) at the caroussels who at 5am formed 3 lines that extended to the middle of the parking lot lost their cool when the 3rd of the caroussels did not open and at irregular intervals very few of the people were let into the checking area. We called the Army humanitarian dept. and the civil administration headquarters and the Qalandiya police headquarters telling them that  the pressure is too much for the people to  stay on calm and composed and were told off for bothering them. A kind of usual pandemonium broke out with people pushing and climbing on top of the caroussels. All the older people promptly left the line for fear of beeing squashed. Fortunately today there was a young man who with the help of another older man  managed to  bring some order and quietness.
To think that  it is Ramadan and that this is the way to get to work, when the same checkpoint is dealing with 70 000 or more  people going to prayers and much thought is put into  the task.. The conclusion is that whatever is done a checkpoint is always presenting an invasion into people's sense of freedom of movement