Bethlehem (300), Tue 23.7.13, Morning

D, R reporting


The area behind the glass booths is full of people waiting to pass.  We hear over and over the following:  Those whose permits begin at 8:00 am may not pass before that time.  A policeman, whom we have not seen before, comes to us, and says, "You know Arabic.  Explain to them that if a permit says it begins at 8:00 am, you cannot enter before that time."  And he takes a permit from someone to show us how the hours are spelled out on the permit.  We chatted a bit about this problem.  He was easy to talk with.  About ten minutes later he is in an argument with two soldiers with the guards also standing close by.  Finally, the policeman walks to the far end of all the glass booths, opens the door, and proceeds to let everyone pass as he glances at their permits.  When he had finished, we again chatted with him, and he said that there was no choice, but not to make them wait until 8:00 am.


It was in interesting morning.


We also gave Sylvia's phone numbers to one in need.