Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Sat 13.7.13, Morning

Shula N., Rachel H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


We are appalled  by the sight of the demolished house at the Wadi Ara/Arara Junction!


07:30 – Shaked Checkpoint

It is Saturday morning during Ramadan. There is talk about the difficulty of fasting, particularly during the first days of the month.   There is light traffic.  A woman soldier is checking vehicles and a male soldier, pointing a weapon, is standing next to her.  A soldier commands Shula to get out of the tobacco field next to the checkpoint, while offering a lecture about respecting the work of the farmer who is cultivating the tobacco.   We left at 08:00 and saw a herd of goats approaching the gate at Tura.  


08:10 Reihan Checkpoint

There are lots of taxis at the entrance, waiting for passengers.   The sleeveinfo-icon leading to and from the terminal is practically empty.   Cars are being checked at the entrance and four cars are waiting to be checked. 

There are two open windows in the terminal and people are coming out slowly.  We are told that it is crowded and that a half hour has passed since they went in. One of the people we were watching came out after half an hour and we did not see the other person come out until we left, 40 minutes after he went in. One of the windows closed at 08:50 and the hallway also appeared to be crowded. A sergeant arrived with two of the guards from the civilian security company and permitted a boy, who was accompanied by another young man, perhaps his brother, to cross.  We did not verify how long they had waited for a permit because they left quickly.  The second turnstile kept everyone moving and it appeared that people were coming out more quickly than before.


We left at 09:15.