Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Fri 12.7.13, Morning

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Revital S., Rachela H. (reporting)

Translation: Dvora K.


11:35 Bazak CP

We went through.

It is hot!!! Dry!!!! Yellow!!! The view is spectacular.


Alon Road (Road 578)

Near the shed just beneath the colony of Rotem, a closed structure has suddenly appeared.


The embankment is in place, as is the trench to the west of it.


12:00: Hamra CP

A sergeant and a soldier (Kfir-Duhifat Brigade) and a woman soldier from the military police come towards us. They want to find out who and what we are. The sergeant stays and talks to us. This was the usual conversation about why and for what and if we don't care about our own nation.


The road is boiling hot. There are only a few cars. Workers are returning from their day's work. There are no pedestrians at this hour. We learned that the passengers and the pedestrians go through inspection at the 'usual' CP (by contrast with the Tyasir CP where there are no pedestrians).


12:35   We left.


12:50 Tyasir CP

Traffic on the road is very thin, as it is in the CP. Here, too, three soldiers came towards us. They asked and received explanations about what we were doing there..

As has already been reported, the military camp near the CP is now deserted. The inspection post for pedestrians has not been in operation for several months. The soldiers told us that they sleep in "Tevets" - the camp opposite Hamam el Maliah. From the road the camp looks completely open and neglected.


13:30  We left.


13:45  Bazak CP

"Everything is fine."   We left.