'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan, Thu 27.6.13, Morning

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Nurit P., Neta Golan, Shula Bar (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


06:00 A’anin checkpoint

Crossing goes slowly.  We were told that someone was sent back to the village because he had clothes in a bag that didn’t seem like work clothes. Explanation:  Since anyone going through the A’anin checkpoint to the seam zone can also reach Tel Aviv without interference, they’re all suspected of planning to move to the Israeli city with malicious intent. Clean clothes in a small plastic bag arouse suspicion.  If someone works outdoors, why does he need spare clean clothes?  The soldiers are authorized to decide whom to send back with his bag and who should be allowed to bring it through.


Some locals told us (Mr. Katzover, take note) about new flying/mobile checkpoints that soldiers set up on internal roads near the village in Areas A and B (that are under the control of the Palestinian Authority) and stop people to inspect their documents.


We saw only a few children crossing with their fathers to the seam zone.


07:00  Tura-Shaked checkpoint

On the way to the checkpoint we drove into the Shaked settlement and saw impressive development proceeding apace – a row of homes facing the settlement’s fence, some opposite the Shahak industrial zone or Tura.  Crossing through the checkpoint is slow.  There’s little traffic in the absence of pupils and teachers who are on summer vacation.  B. tells us his wife wasn’t allowed to cross with their three children (aged 8, 7 and three months) because she has an employment crossing permit.  In order to bring little children on an agricultural permit, the parent must be the legal owner of the land trapped in the seam zone, or the owner’s son.  And if she just wants to visit relatives in the next village?  She has to obtain a one-time permit that’s only good for that visit. 

We heard complaints about two female soldiers who behave very badly to Palestinians today in the checkpoint.


07:40  Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint

We drove into the Palestinian parking lot to show Nurit, our new volunteer the large checkpoint in our area.  It was quiet, light traffic, people crossing unimpeded.  Taxi drivers play cards near the prayer area. 6 commercial vehicles with merchandise and agricultural products wait on the road to the checkpoint for inspection.



08:00  Yabed-Dothan checkpoint

Traffic flows in both directions without interference.  The side road to Yabed is blocked by a yellow iron bar