Etzion DCL, Thu 6.6.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A.


Translation: Naomi Gal


Etzion DCL


An older woman came up to us and said she was a diabetic and have to undergo a cataract surgery at the hospital of St. John in Jerusalem. She asked for a permit to enter and stay a few days, but received a permit for one day only. We spoke with Officer R. and she explained that the permit was given only for the checkup day; she will get another permit for the operation.


A young man complained that he asked for a permit to go to Mukasad Hospital where he had an appointment for 11/6/13. They refused to give him and instructed him to come back on Sunday or Monday. He went back inside, explained it is difficult for him to come back again and asked for the permit today. They again refused and firmly ordered him out because they now accept only urgent cases!

A depressed youngster said he is GSS detainee and was told that in order to get a permit to enter Israel he has to bring a confirmation from an Israeli employer that is willing to employ him.