Bethlehem (300), Fri 7.6.13, Morning

Efrat B. Clair Oren, Translator: Naomi Gal


9:00 to 11:00 

Four windows are open most of the time, sometimes a woman soldier goes on a break and 3 are left. Many Palestinians arrive today, accompanied by children. Again the scenes of bewildered parents who are forced to let their sons and daughters 6 or 7 years old  return home alone because they do not have permits to pass.

On the other hand  at the checkpoint there is a police officer Eyal and who comes out several times during the shift to hurry  the Palestinians  on and  minimize the queue.

A security guard inquires whether we are allowed to stand in the CP because he has heard otherwise. We explain that human rights organizations definitely have permission to stand inside the checkpoint and observe what’s going on.