Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Wed 22.5.13, Afternoon

Yocheved G., Hanah H.

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


16:00 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

Very few people cross, both pedestrians and drivers on both sides. Passage is swift.


16:30 Barta'a- Rihan checkpoint

Renovation has reached this place as well; More cabins are installed and there is a beginning of some construction by the entrance. Many workers return from Israel and from the Seam Line zone and are immediately swallowed by the terminal and quickly get out on their way to the West Bank. Two windows are operational and students returning from Jenin do not slow down the passage.


Palestinians report that the morning passage through Sha'ar Ephraim was still problematic. Three windows serve many  people; all windows are not always open and there is much crowding. They use public transportation (A private bus company from Hadera) that stops at Kazir.