'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 20.5.13, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


06:16: A'anin Checkpoint

30 people are waiting near the lower gate to cross.  Some of them are young people.  We were told that dozens of people have received permits, but it is not clear whether these are renewed permits or new ones, and there is a significant difference between the two.  .We were told that last Thursday about 20 people were not allowed through, though they had permits. F., a representative from the Liaison and Coordination Administration is present at the checkpoint.  A man with heart problems crosses through with a bagful of medications.  He tells us that the female soldier did not let him cross despite the fact that he has a permit.  "If you are sick, why are you going to work?  Maybe you're going for a medical checkup."  According to the man, he came with his brother who did not have a permit so that he could help him at work.   He succeeded in convincing the soldier to let them cross and was pleased with this small victory. 


At 06:29 crossing stops for several minutes.  People report that the soldiers are busy sending back home people who are dressed too nicely for agricultural work.  Three girls are waiting under the shelter for a ride to school.    


At 06:48 people begin to cross more quickly. Two tractors and more people cross without carrying any bags.  The lower gate is closed and the others go up to the upper gate.


06:55 – Shaked Tura Checkpoint

The checkpoint is closed.  Soldiers eventually arrive with F. from the Liaison and Coordination Administration.  Students and teachers are waiting for the entrance to the sleeveinfo-icon to be opened.  At 07:10 the sleeve opens.  About 25 people are waiting to cross to the seamline zone and they will wait until the students and teacher cross to the West Bank.  At 07:15 cars arrive from the seamline zone and enter to be checked.  Within 10 minutes they drive through and continue on their way to the West Bank.  At 07:22 crossing begins from Tura to the seamline zone.  People come out after being checked by the magnometer holding their belts in their hands.   People come out more quickly and by 07:30 about 15 people come out.  A herd of goats led by a young teenage shepherd crosses the checkpoint in an extremely orderly way. 


At 07:30 the elderly shepherd crosses on his donkey, and he is extremely angry because he has been told to return the herd of goats.  His ID card has been confiscated and he has been told that he will get it back when the goats are returned to the West Bank.  We attempt to find out why but we get no answer from the Liaison and Coordination Administration.  We then entered the checkpoint and soldiers began to shout at us to leave and that we have no right to be there, and we argue with them but leave.  We attempted to speak with F., the representative from the Liaison and Coordination Administration, but were told that the checkpoint is an agricultural checkpoint and not for herdsmen.  We argue that the goats have been crossing there for years and have never been stopped.  F. says he will talk to the higher authorities, and evades the issue.   We then called B., who said he would clarify things and get back to us.   We were unable to reach him again.


08:20– Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

Passage is going smoothly.  There are more people crossing from the seamline zone than those crossing to the West Bank.  A few people are returning from night shifts and a few bored drivers are there to receive them.  Eight tenders and trucks are waiting on the road to be checked.  The restrooms are filthy.


We left at 08:40.