Bethlehem (300), Fri 24.5.13, Morning

Clair Oren


Translation: Naomi Gal


Two windows are active most of the time, few people are passing and there are no lines. Only towards the end of the shift a large group arrives and forms a queue. By my request a third window is opened and all the Palestinians pass in a few minutes.

A young energetic and pleasant ecumenical woman reports that there are no people on the side of Bethlehem (and patronizingly doesn’t thank me like other church volunteers for what I am doing – as if I'm working for her!)

And in continuation of the last two weeks and the supposedly new procedures concerning the ban on standing inside the checkpoint: I stood and sat inside the checkpoint as usual, no one commented on it. About fifteen minutes before the end of the shift the top cop emerged from the inner rooms, the same one who informed me a week ago about the "new procedures" and demanded that I stand outside the checkpoint. Today he didn’t look in my direction and walked away quickly ... Thanks again to Hannah!