'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Falamiya, Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Kufr Jammal, Tue 9.4.13, Afternoon

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Karin Lindner, Liora Glatt Berkovich (new), Shosi Inbar (reporting and photographing)




We beg that it be checked at Kafr Jamal who the persons were who weren't able to reach their plots



13:10 Habla -          The gate is open and there are no people waiting. A truck leaves

                                   And after it the children's bus. The  luggage trunk is checked and a

                                   soldier gets on the bus for additional checking.


13:40                         Arb a Ramadin – there are earthworks going on at the village. We were

                                   not able to find out what was being done there. The school area is

                                   clean, well groomed and quiet. The school day is terminated.


13:45                         Eliyahu Passage – we park the car at the parking lot and cross over at

                                   the pedestrian crossing. Immediately a security man dashes towards us.

                                   You have no right to be here. For whom is the pedestrian crossing         

                                    intended? We ask. Only for security personnel is the answer of the

                                   security mean. We are headed to the bus station we reply. This is

                                   permitted only with the accompaniment of a security man. Even before the meeting with the security people I take photos of the

                                    new dog kennels at the margin of the parking lot. 

There are good conditions for thedogs waiting for their shift of foraging and sniffing in the cars of the Palestinians entering Israel.


14:00  At Izbat Tabib      There still stands the protestation tent in front of the school which

                                            received a demolition injunction.             


14:20  Azoun                   A visit in the shop of Z. and  the unloading of the parcels and a toy for  his son.


                                         At the exit from Azoun there is a military jeep and two soldiers.


15:00  Palmiya               It is quiet at the CP. Nobody passes. At the village we shop at the

                                          grocery but don't succeed in talking with the grocery owner who

                                          talks only Arabic.


15:20 Kafr Jamal -          We take a hitchhiker who directs us to a grocery owner who talks

                                           a bit of Hebrew. We explain to him the aim of our visit. We ask

                                           that a list of all the Palestinians who cannot reach their plots we

                                            prepared for us, together with a detailed map. Petahya will contact  them for further explanations and we promised to arrive in a                                fortnight.

We continue through Kafr Sour, Beit Lid and the Anabta CP – there are no searches at the CP and the nice coffee vendor is still here with his jar.


16:25  Jabara CP -           All the turnstiles turn and the flow of people returning home is interminable. Near the fence (on the side of the DCO) a Palestinian  hands a request to a DCO officer who arrived especially to meet him, with the fence dividing between them.


Dogs Eliyahu Crossing 09042013