'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 13.5.13, Morning

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Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translation: Bracha B.A.


06:05 – A'anin Checkpoint

A new crew is carrying out the old routine.  The checkpoint is busy, and things are moving slowly.  About 50 people are waiting.  There is a vehicle from the Liaison and Coordination Administration but we haven't met anyone.  Inspections are being carried out near the front gate.  People are being checked meticulously, particularly new clothing and small plastic bags of food.   Large plastic bags are carefully inspected as well.  Whoever arrives on a tractor is allowed to bring in clothing.  M. has also informed us that the soldiers allowed him to bring clothing.  We are surprised at the change in policy and give him several bags of used clothing.

At 06:30 things are still going very slowly.  About 40 people are waiting, and three tractors, and they cross to the center gate of the checkpoint.  There is a lot of noise and commotion and many people are waiting in line.   At 06:50 there were still 25 people waiting, and it took about a minute to check each person.

A young smiling man with a lot of teeth missing gestures that he has three crossing permits – for A'anin, Barta'a, and Tura: i.e. he has three permits allowing him to pass from one part of his own country to another…What else does a person need?  


Shaked – Tura "Fabric of Life" Checkpoint

The checkpoint opens at 07:00.  We are told that the soldiers arrive late every day.  They should arrive on time.  We observe the superfluous equipment at the checkpoint: traffic signs, facilities, roadblocks, metal fences surrounding the checkpoint, and roads that were paved on agricultural land, and we are once again enraged at the waste and at the lack of respect.


At 07:10 the checkpoint opens, first in the direction of the West Bank.  Students and teachers cross.  On the other side there are 25 people waiting in front of the turnstile for the inspection facility to open.  The workers going to the seamline zone can cross only after the people going in the direction of the West Bank have crossed. 

At 07:17 the first worker comes out of the sleeveinfo-icon into the area of the seamline zone.  The second one follows.  We see that crossing is very slow.  Some of the people work in the nearby settlements, building luxurious homes. We hear once again that many young people are being refused permits to work their land.  According to local residents, this is because they refuse to cooperate with the security forces.   


08:00 – Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint

Seven trucks and vans were waiting along the road to be checked during the 20 minutes that we spent observing the checkpoint. All the rest falls into the category of "the routine of occupation."


We left at 08:30.