Qalandiya, Wed 15.5.13, Afternoon

Vivi Sury, Yehudit Bernstein and Tamar Fleishman (reporting)

The Nakba Day at Qalandiya


On the 15th of May the Palestinians mark the day of the Nakba Day, the day of their catastrophe. 




During all hours of the day there were confrontations between the soldiers and Palestinian teenagers on two front lines- the two entrances to the checkpoint.


Representatives of the strongest army in the world were shielded from head to toe and armed with various weapons, constantly shot ammunition at the Palestinians who were armed with car tires, stones and empty glass bottles that they had picked up at a thorny field nearby where they hid.


The superiority of the soldiers was evident not only in their equipment and ammunition, but also in their high locations and their sniping posts from the holes in the wall.


They shot at the thorn field until the place filled with clouds of gas that rose above the area and with them the heads of the teenagers lifted, as their breath stung and their eyes welled with tears. They began to escape the site while the soldiers' bullets flew after them. 

And there was a boarder police officer who was looking for pray and went head hunting, people said that: "This redheaded officer" arrested during the afternoon a couple of lads. We didn't see that happen, but we did see him hassling a wretched panhandler with a mental illness, he invaded his privet space with his hands, looked through his pockets, took out their content and only after humiliating the weakest of all he let him be. But he was still not satisfied, he detained two teenagers, confiscated their IDs, forced them with his rifle  to stand aside while he made a phone call to find out if there was anything suspicious on their records. There was nothing suspicious and the teenagers were released.


The heart goes out to the group of brave teenagers, the second generation to degradation and occupation, who since birth had never experienced freedom, but know that this is their country, this is their land, this is their homeland and to those who fight and protest against the representatives of the invader, the degrader and the thief.


And at the sound of their commander the shooting soldiers switched to a new strategy, they started surrounding the teenagers from a different side, it was only natural to warn them so that they wouldn't fall in the trap that the armed men prepared for them.