Seam zone: Deir Balut, Nebi Elias

Micky F., Miriam S., Ayala S. (translator)

Nebi Elias: Meeting with H.A., Infrastrucure and Development advisor for Nebi Elias, Jayyus and Falamiya.


Major problems:


Sewage from Alfe Menashe has been flowing into their agricultural lands and near the village houses. Foul smells and mosquitoes - and all their warnings and protests are to no avail.


The Gate: The village farmers need to reach Sha'ar Eliyahu, then the entrance into Alfe Menashe and from within  approach their lands, adjacent to the settlement's fence. They often encounter difficulties not addressed in the permits they have. They have requested to install an agricultural gate near the village, which will serve some 500 farmers from 'Azzun and Nebi Elias. About 1000 dunam of agricultural lands are enclosed beyond the fence. As for today, Adal, the commander of the Matak, who met with them in the past, refuses to meet with them.

They will draft a list of permit refusees with all the details, and submit it to the Palestinian Matak.

There is a new requirement  today: Youths 16-18 years old are requested to present a magnetic card, incurring an expense of 100 IS and a wasted work-day.


Deir Balut:  We met with the village head, K.Y.M. He is already at his job for six months. They have difficulties reaching their lands, and there is also the issue of the Bedouins' land claims. The promise of another agricultural gate has not been fulfilled. They have 8000 dunams within the seam-zone, registered  as theirs and the farmer Rafa'at's. These are inaccessible for years and have been declared as Army Instruction Grounds. Another problem is damage of their olive trees. Across from them is 'Ale Zahav, which is in a construction momentum.