'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 6.5.13, Morning

Leah R.


Translated by Dvora K.


06:15 - 07:15 A'anin  

The people going through are encountering soldiers who are, in their words, 'not nice [not OK]'. A woman wanted to go through with her 3-years-old daughter. She was allowed to go through by herself. The child remained behind. WHY?

A young man who wanted to return to A'anin, was refused. He should come back at 1500. Why not now? Because in the morning you are supposed to leave and you are supposed to return in the afternoon. Things must be done in an orderly manner.

Somebody calls me. They are not allowing him to go through even though he has a valid permit. Why? There are reasons. The woman soldier at the DCO tries to help, but does not succeed. Apparently the agricultural permits are no longer valid.


07:25-07:45  Tura-Shaked  

Many people are present. The passage is quite slow. Vehicles are going through to the West Bank.

A man from Umm-el-Reihan and myself agreed that we, Palestinians and Israelis, are all the same; we all want the same things - to work and to live in peace. But there are others for whom this is not suitable. This man speaks Hebrew well. It was great to talk to him.

Most of the people have gone through: children, teachers. A young fellow with a donkey and a wagon is trying to transport some packages. A happy dog accompanies them. A herd of goats goes through all together and part from one another close to the fence. Birds are singing. A pastoral picture.

On the radio you can hear thundering voices. I only understand the word 'Hizballah' - I hear Israel, Hizballah, Israel, Hizballah over and over again.


07:55-08:15 Barta'a - Reihan

There are so many cars in the parking lot that it is hard to maneuver one's way even on foot. The passage is full of people. Ten pickup trucks are waiting for inspection.  I give a ride to two parents and a 4-year-old who has been undergoing orthopedic operations at Rambam since he was born. A sweet child. He smiles at me.