'Azzun 'Atma, Falamiya, Habla, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 8.4.13, Morning

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hoshana Z. Nina S., Translator: Judith Green



Ordinary day, sun shining and the occupation continues as usual.  A childrens' bus went through with no problem at Habla.


06:10  'Azzun 'Atma

A lot of people outside;  medium sized line of about 60 waiting;  someone we marked went through in about 20 minutes - not bad for this location.  The turnstile is operating and a number of people are allowed to go through each time it and to wait until a turn is ready at the inspection booth.  Now there is also a magnometer and those approaching remove their belts before they arrive and empty their pockets.  In this way, they go through quickly without any delays.  Some of them are already experienced - not like in the terrible days of Beit Iba, when every other person would get stuck in the magnometer because he had left something in his pocket, or his shoes set off the alarm.  There is also an inspection table between the two booths and, if someone finished the check and has equipment with him, returns to an additional gate which a soldier opens for him and behind which he can leave his stuff, and he goes through an inspection by hand.  And to "freedom" in the State of Israel.


One illegal infiltrator was caught going through a hole in the fence and brought back to the checkpoint - we didn't see what happened to him, because we noticed this only after we had left for the house of the coffee salesman.  There is a huge rip of about 3 meters in the fence to the east of the checkpoint, already there for several weeks, but they don't fix it, just run after the infiltrators to hunt them down.  Always successful - but that depends on for whom.


07:00  Habla

The childrens' buses arrive and go through, except for one that has a huge rock caught in the wheel - after a lot of pushing and pulling and banging, the stone was released and they could go on their way.  There is no one left in line, and those coming now are particularly those with tractors, wagons, vans, and they go through quickly.


08:00 Falamya

Pastoral as usual and only remains of black on the floor next to the gate and on the gate are reminders of the fire that was set here during the demonstrations a few weeks ago.  People come constantly, little by little, wagons with horses, vans, go by after inspection.


08:30  Jabara

We wanted to see how the new fence is coming along - and, in fact, it isn't finished yet but, when we went up to the highest place in a-Ras, we could see that it is already paved and looks really "nice".  But it is not yet connected to the old fence beneath a-Ras.  One can also see them working on the fence next to Jayyus.