Etzion DCL, Thu 18.4.13, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A.(reporting)


Etzion DCL:       


Naomi Gal  (translating)


 14.00 PM.Only one car was parked in the parking lot. The waiting room was empty. A young man who got a an entrance permit to a hospital in Jerusalem came out and following him was a man about 35 years old who looked desperate. He complained that at the checkpoint they took his permit, a commercial permit, without explaining why they took it, nor what is he supposed to do or where can he get it back. He tried to find out at different locations and failed. He went to Jericho and to Hebron and everywhere they told him they do not have time to check his problem. Meanwhile, he loses working days and does not know what to do and whom to contact. Shlomit called officer R. who promised to find out and get back to us. As usual, she kept her word. A short time later she called and explained how and where he could get his permit.

A young man approached us and said he is prevented by the GSS and that he worked in Israel without a permit. During his work he was wounded in the leg and he wants to get treatment in a hospital in Jerusalem, but does not know what to do in order to get a permit to enter Israel. We advised him to bring certain documents and come back to the DCL.