South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Sun 21.4.13, Morning

Leah Shakdiel, Yael Agmon (reporting), and a guest


Trans. Charles K.



We left the Shokat junction at 06:00 for the Tarqumiyya checkpoint but didn’t arrive until 06:45 because we had trouble with the car.  Most of the laborers had already crossed but many were still there who could report on their numerous troubles and hardships.


The entrance to the checkpoint can be confusing: two plazas on the road to prevent accidents, bushes trimmed like in European parks, on its face an innocent border crossing.


We stayed until 07:20 and heard about many entry permits that had been confiscated, slander and mutual recriminations leading to confiscation of permits and other consequences.  Since we don’t come here regularly they have no one to advocate on their behalf.  We have to see how we can renew our visits there.


The Palestinians say the women inspectors treat them very badly, as do the checkpoint managers. The bathrooms have been closed. Laborers returned while we were there because it rained and work was cancelled.


Southern Hebron Hills

We continued to Hebron in heavy fog which made doing anything difficult so we drove to the school at a-Tawwani.  We arrived exactly at 08:00 and met the children arriving on foot, in the rain.  They told us the army arrived on time to escort them.