Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 9.4.13, Morning

Netanya G., Yehudit K. (reporting), M. behind the wheel and translating


Translator:  Charles K.


We left Beersheba at 06:30. 

Meitar crossing was operating in a reasonable manner. 

Highway 60 is open, with a little more traffic than usual (i.e., we saw 12-15 vehicles in an hour but only one military jeep). 

Kiryat Arba and Hebron

drowsing; a few children go through the checkpoints on their way to school but aren’t detained. 

At the Pharmacy checkpoint we met the principal of the Abrahimi boys’ school who wasn’t particularly eager to talk to us but said the army arrests many 12-13 year old boys for no reason, as a deterrent.  We determined to arrive early in order to observe the children as they go through the checkpoints.  At the Pharmacy checkpoint we also met CPT women who come when the children go through. 

South Hebron Hills

We returned via Highway 317, stopping at Umm el Hir to visit the kindergarten – but it was closed; we were told the children were on a field trip. 

Settlers from nearby Carmel wandered around the area, apparently measuring or inspecting something.  They didn’t bother us.