South Hebron Hills, Sun 7.4.13, Morning

Lea Shakdiel, Yael Agmon (reporting) and two guests


Translator:  Charles K.


We left the Shokat junction at 06:30.  On the way we saw, on the hills opposite K’ramim, people on their way to Israel who don’t have work permits.  We didn’t see a military vehicle waiting for them on the Israeli side.


At 06:39 we entered the Meitar checkpoint.  It was empty.  Our guests from overseas commented with amazement that it was functioning well.  About 5,000 people had crossed by now.


When we arrived, there were women and children there, on their way to visit relatives in Israeli prisons.  When they reached the booths they were told to wait until 07:00.  Meanwhile another wave of workers had arrived.


On Highway 317, near Zif, we saw a large number of children walking to school.



Curve 160 – children on their way to school.



Three detaineesinfo-icon near the Cave of the Patriarchs.  I asked what was happening and received a pretty rude reply from a Border Police soldier:  “You’re interfering with my work.”  We waited eight minutes and they were released.  While they were detained and waited to be checked additional people crossed without being detained or having their documents inspected.


The town of Hebron is dead but Israeli flags fly proudly in the streets.


Its sad