Bethlehem (300), Fri 12.4.13, Morning

Efrat B., Clair Oren


9:00 to 10:45

Translation: Neomi Gal


4 windows are open. Many people are passing today compared to last week. Perhaps the weather is more inviting, or maybe they are in a hurry to leave before the curfew of Memorial Day will again block them.

Every now and then a woman officer opens the gate between the two windows and swiftly moves people to reduce the queue.

At the windows, too, the passage is relatively quick although they insist on biometric identification by fingerprints and as usual the machine doesn’t always respond as expected. Besides, the soldiers repeatedly require the magnetic card but many leave it at home on Friday.

There is a feeling of "accommodating" the Palestinians this morning, including enabling the passage of groups of children. Only two people were sent back during the shift because they had no permit.