'Atara, Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Sun 14.4.13, Afternoon

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Chaya Ofek, Vivi Sury, Tamar Fleishman and Ruth Fleishman (reporting and Translating)


Qalandiya checkpoint was desolate but the few who wished to pass had to wait for a while until the solider obliged them by opening the turnstiles. At the cabin where the soldiers that are in charge of opening the turnstiles leading to the checkpoint sit, was a soldier who didn't take his eyes off the book he was reading in order to see what was going on in the lanes beside him or on the security cameras.

A Red Crescent ambulance arrived at the checkpoint. The patient that was being transferred was in need ofcatheterizationand was place inside the Israeli ambulance in the "back-to-back" method.

At the checkpoint we met two lads, one of them said that he had been released from prison a month earlier after serving a sentence of six years. He was 15 when he was arrested for throwing stones, he was told that the stone he had thrown hit someone. He said that he had managed to see inside of many Israeli jails during the time his time in prison.



During the past two month the checkpoint hadn't been constantly manned, the soldiers remained seated in the pillbox on the by the side of the road. This week however, when we arrived at the checkpoint we found a traffic police man from Binyamin station manning the soldiers' post and with him was a soldier securing him. The two pulled over cars that drove on road 60 on the way heading to Ramallah. They inspected licenses, IDs, handed out tickets and enriched the state's coffer.


Bir Zeit/Atara:

Upon arriving we were greeted a barking wondering dog, but it wasn't long until two soldiers got out of the fortified complex and came towards us. They said that everything was as usual at the checkpoint and hurried to turne around and head back to the building.