Etzion DCL, Tue 9.4.13, Morning

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Yael L.-J., reporting

This time the parking place was occupied with Palestinian cars, among them an impressing Mercedes 300. Most of the inmates were already in the office. An exception was a little boy, proudly behind the steering wheel and using the horn for me. His mother sat besides him.

In the waiting hall only two  Arabic speaking gentlemen  were sitting. They were waiting for a friend.

There was a polite female soldier . She was asking if she could help me what I negated as friendly as she spoke.


Then came a "case". A younger man , tall, Hebro speaking, with a complicated Hebro letter from the Israeli police in his hands. In the letter he was invited for a day in March. He told us, that nobody had been there . Somebody had told him he should turn to Chaja Ofek and had given her number. He also got informed that there should be a session in the court.

The man had already a permit for going to Israel.  If he needed a second one or a new one - Idid not understand.

AnywAY-    he left us and came back, happily. After he had told the soldiers that he was already in touch with Chaja they had cancelled the letter.


On our way back we were passing Beit Humar (a lot of people on both sides of road 60 but quiet )

and turning in the street to Karne Zur. Return via Herodion, har Huma.