Etzion DCL, Thu 4.4.13, Afternoon

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Shlomit S. Ora A.



Translation  Naomi  Gal


12:25 a concerned man approached us and said that his seven-year-old son is sick and was invited for medical treatment in a hospital in Germany. He asked for a permit to fly with his son to Germany from Ben-Gurion Airport and brought with him all the necessary documents. But when he entered the DCO, they sent him outside with no regard to his request. Before that they sent him from the Palestinian DCO to Etzion DCO and from Etzion back to the Palestinian DCO. He was again sent to Etzion and when he came today they refused to attend to him. We spoke with officer R. who summoned him to enter and leave the documents with her, and promised to take care of his case so that he’ll get a permit.

A young man told us that he and his wife were summoned for fertility treatments at a hospital in Jerusalem, but only the wife received an entry permit. First, they both received a permit for one day, although the hospital summoned them for a whole month. After a talk with officer R. they were both invited in again, but only the wife got a permit for a month. After a further talk with R. the husband as well received a permit for a month.

An elderly man, whose son was injured in an accident and was hospitalized in Jerusalem, said he wanted an entry permit to take care of his son, but did not get one since he is prevented by the General Security Services. R. said that the request will be passed on to the GSS and after a checking he will get a permit.

A man whose family member was arrested while he was working in Israel without a permit, complained that he doesn’t know where his relative is detained. We referred him to Etzion Police Station. They told him that the detainee is in the Etzion Detention House and that his trial will takes place on Sunday in the courtroom at Ofer.

The family was not informed about the trial.