Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan, Sun 24.3.13, Afternoon

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Yochi A., Ruthi T. (Reporting)


Translation: Bracha B.A.




Shaked – Tura Checkpoint, 15:00

A taxi comes to the seamline zone and an elderly man with a donkey and wagon passes through the checkpoint.  He explains to the soldiers that he will tie the donkey on the other side and come back to be checked.  We hear "No, No!"  followed by a short conversation and finally, "All right."  There is a small amount of traffic in both directions.


Mavo Dotan – Yaabed Checkpoint, 16:00

Cars are waiting on both sides of the checkpoint.  A soldier approaches us and asks what we are doing.  We explain that we have come to observe.  He asks: "To observe what?"  We answer that we want to observe what is going on at the checkpoint.  The soldier turns to his comrade and asks: "Did you hear?  They've come to see what there is to see here."


Actually, there was something to see.  North of the checkpoint a new 10-meter dirt road has been paved.  An army jeep bypassed the checkpoint along the road.  Concrete blocks have been put up and painted white, and the white paint is splattered along the greenery at the side of the road.  Cars going from Area C to Area A pass through without delay, while those going the other way are briefly checked, with an occasional short conversation or a brief peek inside, and one quick check of the trunk.   


16:10 – 6 cars are waiting on each side.   A young man who offered us help is checked despite the fact that he is headed towards Area A. 

16:30 – 12 cars are headed towards Area A, but when they are given the signal they drive through without being stopped.  


16:40 –  Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

11 trucks are waiting on the road waiting to be checked tomorrow morning.  The parking lot on the

Palestinian side is completely full.  Grou8ps of workers are descending to the terminal and passing through quickly.  Those who work in Israel will finish work tomorrow at 14:00 and the day off will be deducted from their vacation days.   We asked them if they had received a gift for the holiday.   They are somewhat surprised and say no, but probably they will receive a gift tomorrow.  Someone arrives with a large used toy car.  The large gate on the right opens for him and he passes through [instead of going through the turnstile] without any problem.   Another man who arrives with a suitcase without a permit does not appear worried, and disappears within a few minutes.   

When we asked if the checkpoint would be closed over the holiday we were reminded that Reihan Barta'a checkpoint is open all the time and never closes.