'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Mon 18.3.13, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S. reporting

Naomi Gal translation


06:05 'Anin Checkpoint

The first ones are leaving on their way from the village to their farming plots in the Seam Zone. 
We meet Bilal, who has replaces Wahal, the DCO representative. He indicates a willingness to hear and help so we briefly raise three problems we regularly encounter in this checkpoint, he listens willingly: difficulties in transferring children 12-16 years old with one of their parents; the checking of clothes and personal belongings beyond the requirements of security; providing permits to other family members. 

6:15 - about 50 people are waiting to cross. They are being checked at the center of the checkpoint. The checking is fast. Fathers with children are crossing, many relatively.

The dirt mound in the checkpoint area was removed. What next? A National Park glorifying the State of Israel?

A young man tells about his friend whose permit was taken away by the police in the Seam Zone.

06:45No more people waiting, the checkpoint closes.


7:00 Shaked-Turah Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open, but the booth for checking people is not active yet and people on both sides are waiting to cross from one side to the other. A horse and a carriage with children are crossing from the lone house towards the West Bank.  School children get off the pickup truck and run to the checkpoint. After their driver is checked and gets permission to proceed, he gathers them and they continue toward Turah. His car radio is playing loud hymns. We asked why he did not turn the radio off and were told it is forbidden to turn off hymns.

7:15 the booth is opened for checking and within minutes the first ones start leaving toward the Seam Zone. The first car crosses toward the West Bank.


07:30 Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint
At the bus station in the middle of the checkpoint an armed soldier boards the bus, which then continues east to Mevo Dotan.

Many people are crossing at this time; most of them probably work at Barta'a and at Shahak industrial area. The drivers are saying that the blockage at the side entrance to Ya'bad has been removed after it was agreed that the children would stop throwing stones at the road.

7-8 small and large trucks are waiting for checking and crossing permits. The drivers pass the time sipping coffee. The first driver in line tells us that he's parked his car here last night. The crossing of commercial vehicles started at 05:30. A private car bypasses the waiting vehicles, enters the booth for permit checking and continues on its way. Within fifteen minutes the truck drivers are summoned to the center of the checkpoint for document verification before they proceed to the checking of their cars.

One of them tells us about a relative of his who has stayed to work in Israel although his permit had expired.  The police was on his trail and he tried to escape, jumped over a wall or a fence and broke a leg. Now he is in RambamHospital, two weeks already. His wife, his elderly mother and ten children remain at home without a breadwinner.


8:15 we left