Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 17.3.13, Morning

Yael A., Lea D. Guest: D.


Translator:  Charles K.


06:00  We left Yeruham; it’s raining.

06:45  At the turn to Sansana (left, three minutes south of the Meitar checkpoint) a checkpoint has been set up to catch people illegally in Israel.

07:00  Meitar checkpoint.  It’s empty.  According to the EAPPI, 5000 people crossed beginning at 04:00, without incident.

07:35  We stopped at Tawwani to see the children from Umm Tuba cross. 


On Saturday the Italians erected a tent on the hill for the children from Umm Tuba (so they could be sheltered when waiting for their military escort), but the army demolished it, claiming it was a military area (see photos, attached).

We stood with the Italians next to the fence; the children arrived at 07:58, an army jeep following them.

After the children arrived we continued on our way.



We reached Hebron at 8am; the streets are quiet because of its raining; Curve 160 is also quiet. 

The end.