'Anata-Shu'afat, Qalandiya, Mon 11.3.13, Morning

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Ronny P., Judy O., (reporting)

05:30 Qalandiya

Long queues which moved quickly. The humanitarian gate was opened whenever necessary. The waiting area had been cleaned; all the overhead lights were on.  We left at 07:00 with the lines still moving quickly.

07:20 Anata.

Traffic and pedestrians passed through without unnecessary delay.

This is a  monstrous addition to the existing checkpoints around Jerusalem -  the worst being the aggressive way it has penetrated the flow of life that had existed before and the violent and destructive aftermath of its construction  and that of the wall.

We walked through to the other side to the boys school run by the Jerusalem municipality (as the sign says also in Hebrew). The area directly opposite the school and close to the other side of the wall is filthy, has several abandoned and burnt out buildings in constant use for drug trafficking, and is full of unattended waste and rubble – the result of the building of the wall and consequent wrecking of the surrounding area. One thousand primary school boys study at the school and must walk through all of this to get into the school gatesinfo-icon.

So again, it is not only the wall, the checkpoints, watchtowers, endless barriers etc  that  are built, but the extensive destruction, neglect and constant humiliation that they breed.  And we, in the continuous need to keep the whole system of occupation in place become more barbarian and vulgar both in our treatment of the people and the land itself.

Despite Arnona being paid , the municipality apparently does not clear rubbish. Police activity is limited if at all, the Palestinian Authority does nothing and as the “sadran “ of the school buses told us, the vacuum is filled by gangs and thugs.

And this is Jerusalem.