Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Mon 4.3.13, Morning

Hagit B. and Michal Tz. (reports)


Translator:  Charles K.


Everything’s quiet, normal, disheartening as always.

Soldiers at every crossroads; they’re not stopping or delaying anyone (while we were there), but they’re present, protecting the settlers - beginning with guarding Menachem Livni’s vineyard.

When we arrived they turned their backs and went down the vineyard’s slope.

We were glad to see that the barrier between his vineyard and the entrance to Bani Na’im had been removed and that vehicles could drive there again.

The army is at Kvasim junction.

In Hebron the Shimshon brigade soldiers are, as usual, in their usual places, but there are also additional soldiers on the roofs of the abandoned wholesale market, opposite Gross plaza.


A dog handler from the Oketz unit, with a muzzled dog, is at the Tarpa”t checkpoint.  “A Belgian shepherd,” she says.  Why is she there?  What does the dog know how to do?

She answers vaguely, avoiding our questions.  Another soldier who answers us politely is called over by his friend who asks him not to talk to us.  Then someone arrived in a pickup truck and picked her up.

The last few days have been quiet there…


We drove to the Zayit crossing.  Two soldiers, without a vehicle, at the Beit Anun junction.  With no backup.  Why?  Their presence there is more dangerous for them than for passersby.


Occupation, and also stupidity?  How exasperating.