Tue 26.2.13, Afternoon

Yocheved G, Chana H. reporting

Translation: Naomi Gal


15:30  Shaked Checkpoint

The usual process at the checkpoint - a few pedestrians and cars with passengers quickly moving in both directions. 


16:00  Reihan Checkpoint

A woman from Jenin who has received a one-time permit for a week to visit her sister in the eastern part of Barta’a asks for our help. She arrived loaded with gifts including olive oil and olives which were confiscated (the excuse given: commercial quantities). 

A vegetable merchant from Barta'a tells us that he has a permit to cross the checkpoint with his car toward the West Bank to buy goods in Jenin but he can’t bring the goods back through the checkpoint. For this he has to use one of the licensed drivers, who charges 400 for this transport (since even a licensed driver can cross the checkpoint only once a day).  In an attempt to save money he turned to the Mukhtar (head) of Barta’a, to DCO and to the checkpoint’s administration in order to get the necessary permit, but they keep sending him from one place to the other.


There is traffic in both directions. People returning from Jenin tell us that some businesses are on strike there, but most of the shops are open. The schools are closed since the teachers did not receive their salary.


16:30– many workers are returning. Two windows are open and the passage is quick. We are told that in the mornings, especially between five and six o'clock, there are problems and delays at the machines. "If an officer is there everything is all right, but if there is no officer it is a mess.”