Rochale H, Shula N. (reporting)


Translation: Naomi Gal


7:20 Barta’a-Shaked Checkpoint

It is very cold and rainy. The wind is blowing.

Lots of traffic passing in both directions.

The sky is dark, too.

A soldier came up to us and asked: Why are you here? It turns out that for him, unlike for his friends, who don’t want to be at the checkpoint, it is important to get here to maintain a proper behavior by the soldiers at the checkpoint. On the other hand, we heard complaints of misconduct and contempt by the soldiers and unnecessary delays.

We left at 8:45


09:00 the new Barta’a checkpoint (Reihan)

On our way to the sleeveinfo-icon we witness a large influx of people. Apparently there are now two open windows, which allows a quick passage, in just a few minutes. Suddenly the magnetic doors closed, and reopened within minutes.

The parking lot is full.

Cars that enter the Seam Zone are waiting in front of the first checkpoint on the main road, a procedure we haven’t seen for a long time.

We left at 9:45