'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Thu 31.1.13, Morning

Hanna A., Hanna P.(reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


05:45  Azzun Atma.  A new shed where people can wait after being inspected at the checkpoint.  It’s roofed and walled along the side facing the road, blocking the view from the road.  There was no line, very light flow of people because of the bad weather.


06:30  Habla.  We arrived early; it opens only at 07:00.  Today they opened at 07:15.

A few people and one car on line.  The first five are inspected and cross in five minutes.

At 07:30 the school bus arrived.  The driver went to show his ID, returned to the bus, drove into the checkpoint, raised the doors to the baggage compartments on the side of the bus.  A soldier got on the bus to check and it drove on.

One of the checkpoint soldiers came to talk with us.  He’ll be demobilized in two weeks.  He lives in Yad Binyamin, where people from Netzrim live.  He was interested in what we were doing; we didn’t agree, of course.

We asked one of the women coming through the checkpoint where they can work in such weather.  It turns out she works in covered greenhouses where cucumbers grow.  Because of the stormy weather, only a few people came to the checkpoint.  We decided to end our shift for the same reason