Abu Dis, Sheikh Saed, Thu 7.2.13, Morning

Michaela R., Rahel M. (reporting)



7:00 Sheikh Saed
The younger children cross without problems, older ones are delayed, but then cross.  Adults undergo a prolonged check.
Abu Dis
We came to the Abu Dis monastery to speak with the Mother Superior about the possible assistance of the Civil Rights Organisation with respect to the closed checkpoint next to the Monastery.  This closureinfo-icon creates numerous problems for the monastery and especially for the kindergarten whose purpose is to provide a framework for children who cannot afford a private institution.  The Mother Superior also spoke of the difficulties in acquiring permits for some of the monastery's workers.  The Monastery is in touch with the Civil Administration, and the relationship is good but there are no significant results.
We decided that a meeting will be set up by Rachel M. with the director of the Civil Adminstration's department for public appeal