Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Silwan, Tue 5.2.13, Morning

Daphna S., Anat T. (reportiing)



Nir Hason's piece in yesterday's Ha-aretz (http://www.haaretz,co.IL/news/law/1.1921452) reports on penalties imposed on East Jerusalem neighbourhoods which "create problems."  The penalities include arrests, traffic checkpoints, and enforcement activities.  We set off today to see what is going on.


6:50 Silwan/Ein Hilweh St. and Al Istar St. (crossing to Ma'alot Ir David St. and Malkhei Zedek St.)


No checkpoints in Silwan this morning.  Residents tell us there were arrests and checkpoints and enforcement activities until a day or two ago.


7:30 Issawiya


According to the newspaper there were checkpoints until the other day, but none this morning at the exits from the village.  Residents report that agreements have been reached with the village elders.


7:45 Olive Terminal


On arrival we found one lane open, and no humanitarian crossing.  A line of some 20 forms.

The children of "Lazarus" kindergarten and their teacher cross after waiting c. 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes another lane opens and the line disappears.


8:15 Cliff Hotel


The building is deteriorating -- all the windows are broken and there is general neglect.  Border police are present in force.  A particularly threatening sign warns against crossing south (where there are two settlers' buildings).