Reihan, Shaked, Sat 9.2.13, Morning

Rachel H., Noah L. (reporting)

Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


0720-0750 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

The site is open, busy traffic on both sides. One of those crossing says that there are many people inside.

We are approached by this person whose son, a resident of Tura (West Bank) is married to a woman from Barta'a (Seam Line zone) who is pregnant. His passage permit hasn't been renewed and he does not know the reason for it or if and when such permit would be given to him. Another person complained that the gate opens in the morning only at 7:00 and he'd prefer it to be opened at 6:00, thus reducing crowding and being late for work . On Saturday it can be opened at 7:00. We hear a cat's howl and agree that the only creature that does not require a passage permit is that cat.


0800 – 0845 Barta'a checkpoint

As usual on Saturdays, the checkpoint is most crowded and this morning even more so. At this early hour there are quite a few well attired families who cross from one side to the other, perhaps there is some sort of an event in the area. One of those coming out reports many people inside. He doesn't know what has happened today. Another individual says that the computers inside are stuck causing the delays. Others say that despite the crowding, it took the, 5 minutes to go through.


We've noticed two innovations; At the upper part of the sleeveinfo-icon, opposite the exit from the vehicles' inspection post, a sheet-metal fence has been installed, on the open sides of the sleeve. Do they plan to enclose the entire sleeve? And how would we be able to appreciate the growing of the flower garden and other wonders of that place?

At the car park we noticed a few concrete blocks. What is their purpose? Never a dull moment over here.