Reihan, Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan, Sun 27.1.13, Afternoon

Yochi A., Ruti T. (reporting)


Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


15:00 – 16:45


15:00 Dotan-Ta'abed checkpoint

 We dropped off M. (who came back from  a visit with his son, Ali, who is hospitalized at Ram"bam) at the Barta'a checkpoint and proceeded to  Dotan . There are soldiers at the checkpoint but vehicles drive through on both sides, without delays. We continue on a short floral tour ( Windflowers of various colors) up the road to Mevoh Dotan.


15:45 Reihan/Barta'a checkpoint

The Palestinian car park is filled up, therefore we parked at the upper car park. We arrived together with the Seamstresses, who came in a few crowded cabs. The carousel area is busy. Men give way to women who go through fast. Inside the terminal there are two windows and the crowding subsides  within 10 minutes. We are asked if we heard of the row at the Yirtach checkpoint, where people had been shot with tear gas. There had been a gig mass "Do something".


16:25 – Tura-Shaked checkpoint

The herd of sheep returns sated from the pasture at the Seam Line zone to its sheep pen at the West Bank. The shepherd reports at the inspection post in front of the computer and calls to boys to accept the  herd on the other side. The well attired banker returns home at the Seam Line zone, A woman and her son return from the medical clinic in Jenin. We drive them to the bushy grove, where five families (brothers) from Um-el-Reihan live,. The name of this place is El=Aera.