Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, Tue 29.1.13, Afternoon

Roni Hammermann and Tamar Fleishman (reporting); Guest: Lioni

Translating: Ruth Fleishman



The rain hadn't washed away the fifth or the desperation. 


"You and we are done for because of our leaders. Yours and ours are the same. We once had hope, but now people on your side and on ours are getting more religious and right winged and that makes it worse", said a middle aged man who identified himself as a Muslim, a communist and a believer in god and the prophet Muhammad.  

In this man's world, Marx and Lenin are united with and live alongside Allah and the prophet Muhammad.

This reality is the product of the corrupt, vulgar and fundamentalist politics which is represented by Netaniyahu "yours" and Hamas "ours". They act against us all and cause misery to both nations living on this land, and had they and the likes of them (according to this man) not been elected, we humans could have lived side by side in peace and as good neighbors.



Jaba checkpoint:

According to the military and as is quoted by the soldiers, the checkpoint is meant to secure the safety of the nation.

In spite of the: "we're here so that they don't transfer weaponry… this is part of Israel…" and so on, which are uttered with adherence and complete faith, all the soldiers did at the checkpoint that afternoon was to guard two traffic policemen who pulled over vehicles and fined their drivers: "They pull over anyone who hasn't got a seatbelt on and anyone talking on the phone", they said.