'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 17.1.13, Morning

Neta Golan, Shula Bar (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.


06:00-07:35  A’anin checkpoint

The soldiers (reservists) were already at the checkpoint, but opened it only half an hour later.  They couldn’t find a pen, searched and searched, and finally asked us and received one as a present.  During the time that was wasted we talked to a young man from Umm el Fahm who was waiting in his car for someone.  He told us a fascinating story about his grandmother, Helen Leah Leila Warshavsky-Jabarin, a holocaust survivor, who at 14 married an Arab from Umm el Fahm (who “grabbed her…,” she said) and together built a large, many-branched family.  Here’s an interviewwith her on Channel 2.


People crossing are inspected in the middle of the checkpoint; the soldiers weren’t careful today and there was confusion, dozens of people pushed and shoved and overflowed the checkpoint, so much so that some of those crossing gave themselves a failing grade in deportment:  “We’re the ones who aren’t behaving well today.”  It seems that the young people who’d only recently obtained for the first time their own individual crossing permits are the ones inciting the disruption.  Some of them approached us asking for help getting permits for the seam zone (there’s an agricultural permit and a separate employment permit) – they’re 17, 18, 20 years old.

So how’d you get through this time?

They laugh.

Others, including two women, ask us to hurry up renewal of their permits, which expire this month.  We wrote down numerous iD numbers and phone numbers, even though it’s clear we can’t do much to assist in this matter, but we couldn’t ignore the requests.  We’ll inquire…maybe it will help. 

Two youths approached the fence from inside the checkpoint, wanting to speak to us.  The soldiers, unexpectedly, not only didn’t order them to return to the village but even sent a soldier to escort them (because of the pen?) until they finished asking us to help them obtain permits.


07:37  Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Only one Palestinian hurrying at this hour to cross from Tura to the seam zone.  Soldiers wandered around the checkpoint with nothing to do; it was empty and quiet.  But not peaceful.


07:45  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint

We passed the large checkpoint which does an excellent job of making the occupation run like clockwork.  Six trucks loaded with vegetables, charcoal and other merchandise wait to be inspected and drive on, most of them to eastern Barta’a, capital of the northern seam zone.


08:00  Dothan-Yabed checkpoint

The shifts are changing.  Vehicles flow through in both directions, almost without anyone touching them.


The green, pastoral landscape and the fresh air make you almost forget the occupation.