'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 31.12.12, Afternoon

Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translator:  Charles K.


15:15 A’anin agricultural gate 

Few people arrive from the seam zone; they cross to A’anin on the West Bank almost immediately after their documents are inspected.  A few youths are detained briefly for an additional check and released ten minutes later.  A cute puppy is tied at the entrance to the checkpoint; the soldiers say one of the residents wanted to take it with him to A’anin but wasn’t allowed.

15:35  Before closing the checkpoint, the soldiers take the puppy with them.


15:45  Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Many people returning from the West Bank to the seam zone, including female students from JeninUniversity.  Only a few cross to the West Bank.  The crossing operates normally; occasional brief delays stop the flow of people.  A boy on a bicycle crosses to the West Bank, accompanied by two dogs.


16:15  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint

The parking lot is full of vehicles and taxis waiting for people returning from work.  Hadi is also here with his stand.  Drivers from Yabed tell us the gate blocking one of the roads to the village is still closed.  They say that if someone tries to get to the village through the fields and is caught, they’re punished.  The army is still patrolling in Yabed, angering the villagers and tempting the children to throw rocks.


16:40  Many workers are returning to the West Bank from jobs in the seam zone or in Israel.  We go up to the terminal to see them enter.  Two windows are open and people go through quickly.  A line slowly forms, and when people are crossing in the opposite direction those goingto the West Bankhave to wait.  Families with children cross to the seam zone.


As 17:30 approaches two windows close.  Congestion, anger and weariness combine to create tension.  People say the crowding is a daily occurrence.  We try to reach Charlie, who’s unavailable – in a meeting.  We contact one of the checkpoint employees; he arrives a few minutes later and reduces the congestion.  Crowding increases as 18:00 approaches and again he helps ease the congestion.


18:00  Workers continue to arrive.  We’re told the congestion will last until 19:00.

We left.