Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 13.1.13, Morning

Lea S., Paula R. (reporting)

tran. by Naomi S.



We left at 7am. Sansana-Meytar checkpoint was empty. There are many workers on the Israeli side.

The snow on the way to Hebron and Hebron:

as evidence that Hebron and the mounts around it are not part of Israel, there was no coverage to the fact that the fathers' city is all covered in white. Not even today. We didn't see residents detained in checkpoints. All white and quiet.

On our way back we entered Sansana route, close to Meytar passage, to see with our own eyes the area where a permit-less Palestinian worker was shot to death yesterday morning, having put his life in his hands, so to speak, for a day's work. Security forces know this place well and can readily also see the many Palestinians who have to walk through tormented roads in order to make their living. And even if this doesn't normally end in death, those passages are always very dear and cost the workers a large share of their scant wages. Another family is now left with no wage earner in this beautiful winter of 2013.