Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir, Fri 28.12.12, Afternoon

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Revital S., Rachel H. (reporting)

Translation: Naomi Gal


12:00 Bezeq Checkpoint

We passed through.

The air is clear, the sky is blue, and visibility is amazing. The Valley is already green. The herds cover the slopes.The reason for our visit is as oppressive as ever.


Under the Rotem Settlement we saw, from far and up close, new construction (agricultural), whose foundations were laid during the summer.


12:15 Tayasir Checkpoint

The sign at the entrance to the camp announces: Adir Military Company - first established, last to fall.
The soldiers in the station (Assaf Battalion– field engineering) receive us with feigned indifference. Despite the tension and the reluctance to talk to us, they do answer the question about the passage of vehicles of residents who are not from the Valley. But then they get a sign from the station on the road to keep silent: “Enough, shut-up!” A soldier on the tower asks: “who are they?” and the soldier next to us responds: “it doesn’t matter.”

The training area north of the checkpoint is bustling with activity and shouts. White chairs are arranged in a circle, perhaps they are expecting guests.

We stopped by a family from Tubas which was working in a plowed field. The man with whom we spoke was a teacher. He does not know if they are allowing cars of Valley residents to enter the Valley. At this time of the day traffic is light, only a few cars arrive at the checkpoint.


Allon Road (578)

Soldiers are scattered in the training areas. The rampart is in place, as are the two gatesinfo-icon.


13:20 Hamra Checkpoint

The shed which was spread above the road stations has disappeared. There are many soldiers at the checkpoint. The screening facility is closed. There is traffic in both directions. To our aforementioned question we received the answer that for the last two months all are allowed to pass through.

13:50 we left.


14:15 Bezek Checkpoint

"Everything is OK" we said and passed through.