Shaked, Wed 26.12.12, Afternoon

Hannah and Yocheved

Translation: Naomi Gal


15:30 Shaked Checkpoint

Upon arrival we found excited people, waving their hands. Inside the checkpoint stood a yellow cab, all doors were open including the hood, and a thorough search was being conducted. Apparently that same cab was ransacked yesterday, as well, at Reihan Checkpoint. All doors were dismantled claiming it carries weapons. The cab owner, (a Barta’a resident) argued that the search yesterday and today was caused by a phone informant and that the soldiers refused to reveal to him who was incriminating him. He passes the checkpoints every day and has a valid permit. Today he went to Nablus to fix his cab, came back through Shaked Checkpoint and was again detained for the same suspicion. 

Meanwhile, residents from Barta’a’s and the neighborhood began gathering and we were all waiting to see what the search would reveal. Among us was the driver’s mother, who was shouting excitedly and could not be calmed down. She fell to the ground and nearly fainted. One of the driver’s brothers, who was waiting inside the checkpoint, called an ambulance. A commotion began and the residents demanded that one of her sons leave the checkpoint and go with her, but the soldiers claimed that the son can travel via Shaked Checkpoint. Meanwhile soldiers’ reinforcement arrived to “disperse the disturbances”.


At 16:15 the checkpoint closed for vehicles and only pedestrians could pass. Although a phone call from the DCO could have probably solved the problem, nothing was done until 17:00. One of the soldiers said that the driver would be released soon and would be able to drive the taxi from the checkpoint.


The driver said he will file a complaint for the heavy damage done to his car during the search at Reihan Checkpoint yesterday. The brothers and other relatives said they would not leave the place until someone from the DCO came and clarified who denounced the driver and falsely accused him of concealingarms.


As if the high tension under which Palestinians live is not enough, they are subjected every day anguish and damage to property. 

We left feeling outraged by the constant harassing.